Creating Information Products For Your Internet Business


We live in an age where people crave information. Many seek free material; others will pay dearly for good information. The Internet is exploding with info products some of which may be so strange and obscure, they may shock even the most adventuresome.

For those seeking to start an online business selling information products, it would be wise to first take an inventory on the personal skills and interests you possess as these skills and interests relate to a specific target market.

For example, one Internet marketer may be very gifted in writing. So, creating books may be his or her first choice. But if their particular target market were more “visual” or “verbal”, creating videos and audio CDs might be the way to go.

Another Internet marketer might jump at the chance to do visual products if they only knew how. However, again, if their target market enjoyed reading as opposed to watching something or listening to a CD, they may be missing the boat.

The truth is, in Internet marketing, a person may want to try to employ every tactic possible when creating information products. This would include eBooks, audio CDs, videos, blogs, eCourses, teleseminars, webinars and whatever else becomes available through increasing innovations in technology.

Let’s look at a couple of product examples:

Creating Information Books

These can be written by the business owner or the job may be outsourced. Or “ready made” eBooks are available for free or for purchase. Many are first written in a word processor like MSWord and then compiled in PDF format.

Others are compiled as.exe files which have their advantages and disadvantages. For example,.exe files are more complicated but they provide a good level of protection for the author. PDF files can be “ripped off” but these are the most common method of creating info products.

Creating a Blog

For those Internet business owners who enjoy writing, a blog is a must. With a blog, the owner can really get personal. It’s a way for the audience to really get to know you in ways that a website cannot achieve.

Once a blog is created, it’s important to post some good content at least 3-4 times per week or even more often.

Creating Audio CDs

This method is getting easier and easier to create. There is a free recording resource called Audacity. With this freebie, you can record your message, edit it and then save it as an Mp3 file.

Then with the Mp3 file, you can burn it to a CD disk using other free resources. Or you can burn it as a master and send it to a vendor that will create how ever many CDs you want. This part you pay for, however.

Creating Videos

This alternative is getting easier but it gets a little more involved. Most people throw their finished product up onto YouTube or other such websites for the world to see.

For serious Internet marketers, however, it might be better to get some software to load the videos onto their personal website. This provides total control as far as quality and protection are concerned.

These are several examples of creating information products.

Keep these tips in mind:

o Use your strengths when creating products and,

o Think how your target market would like to receive them.

o You do not have to be a professional to create information.

o Your most effective approach is to send the “right” message to the right target market.

o Good, entertaining videos may spread around the Internet like wild fire; but do they really attract targeted people to your website?

There are many other considerations but this will get you started.


Source by John D Thomas